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A Hamilton medical malpractice lawyer usually has a difficult job to prove negligence against a healthcare provider. Almost all physicians, nurses, dentists and technicians in Canada are effectively insured by the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) which is a mutual non-profit organization set up to cover the healthcare sector against liability for negligence in litigation. The CMPA is not strictly an insurance company but has members who pay a set amount for protection each year which is not dependent on their individual claims record but is set by refence to the sector in which they practice. This means that a regular incompetent suffers no real financial penalty as in the care of most insurers and can continue in practice unscathed notwithstanding error after error unless they fall foul of their relevant professional body and are struck off.

In order to succeed in a negligence compensation, claim for personal injury a Hamilton medical malpractice lawyer must prove negligence, causation and loss. Negligence is shown if the healthcare professionals conduct fell short of the standard achieved by most others practicing in the same field. Causation refers to proving that the negligence actually caused injury and loss which can be tricky bearing in mind that the patient was already ill prior to treatment. Loss refers to provable financial detriment caused directly by the negligent actions which is not to remove to be foreseeable.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you to exercise your rights to obtain compensation in Hamilton. Medical malpractice lawyers will deal with your case using a contingency fee arrangement which means if you don't succeed in receiving compensation then your lawyers won't get paid. For free advice without obligation just complete the contact form and a qualified lawyer will telephone you immediately to discuss your compensation claim without further obligation.

Hamilton Medical Malpractice Lawyer Directory

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The following Hamilton medical malpractice lawyers all deal with negligence compensation claims and will be happy to discuss your problem:-

Hughes Amys

25 Main Street West, Suite 2100
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1H1

Agro, Zaffiro, Parente, Orzel & Baker

1 James Street South, Box 2069, Station LCD 1
Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3G6

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

508 Riverbend Dr., Suite 303
Kitchener, Ontario, N2K 3S2


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Hamilton
120 King Street West, Suite 560
Ontario L8N 3R4

Doron J Gold

52 Abelard Avenue
Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 2K8

Hughes, Amys

1 King Street West, Suite 1401
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1A4

Reynolds O‘Brien

183 Front Street, P.O. Box 1327,
Belleville, Ontario K8N 5J1

Walker, Head

1305 Pickering Pky., Suite 200
Pickering, Ontario L1V 3P2

Graydon Sheppard Barrister-at-law

25 Main Street West Suite 1400
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1H1

Flaherty, Sloan, Hatfield

374 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1K2

O'Connor Richardson P.C.

1 Hunter Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3W1

The Morris Law Group

Hanley Law Office, 98 Surrey Street East,
Guelph, ON N1H 3P9

LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 855 804 7125

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