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Liposuction - Medical Malpractice

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which small incisions are made over skin that contains excess fat and a cannula (a rigid tube with holes in it) is inserted. The excess fat is sucked out of the body using a strong suction device that removes the fat. The cannula creates tissue planes and the fat is smoothly removed from each plane. This way you cannot see divots or raised areas where the fat isn't taken out properly. This is one complication of liposuction and it is up to the skill of the doctor to make sure this doesn't happen. The incisions are closed after the procedure and the individual recovers from the bruising and swelling that are common complications.

Liposuction is not without its risks. There are anesthesia complications, surgical complications and post surgical complications. It is important to talk to your doctor about the various possible complications you might face. Some complications are unique to liposuction while others are true of just about any surgery.

Fortunately, complications of liposuction are not that common but they do happen, even with the best of surgeons. It is important to make sure your surgeon is Board Certified in plastic surgery and that they have done many liposuction procedures in the past. Complications true of any surgery include having a bad reaction to the anesthesia, complications from Staph or Strep infections, blood clotting or not clotting and scarring at the surgical site. The skin can be numbed permanently after the surgery and there can be significant bruising. Pigment changes can occur at the site of the incision.

Major complications of liposuction surgery include healing that doesn't happen on time, sepsis or life threatening complications, allergies to medication or anesthesia, fatty clots that travel to the lungs or the brain, leading to stroke or pulmonary embolus. Blood clot can travel to the above areas as well. You can get excess blood or fluid loss that can cause shock or even death, there can be nerve damage or skin damage. There can be burns secondary to friction to the tissue and the doctor can push the cannula in too far and can damage vital organs underneath.

Excess liposuction can be a problem and can cause complications. If too much fat is formed in one day, the skin can sag and there can be tracts in the skin or dents that happen when the cannula gets too close to the surface of the skin. There can be unsightly lumps beneath the skin that are definitely not attractive. If the procedure takes too long, the anesthesia can complicate things and the person may be slow to wake up after the procedure. It is far better to have multiple procedures done one week apart or even further apart.

There are a great many minor complications of liposuction that aren't life threatening. You can get a hematoma or a blood clot formed beneath the skin, bruising of the skin, a lumpy appearance to the skin, bad scarring, skin that sags, necrotic skin in the affected areas where the incisions occur, and fainting spells. You can damage nerves, causing permanent numbness and mild drug reactions.

Very severe reactions are possible in liposuction, including cardiac rhythm problems, cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis of the legs, permanent nerve damage, brain damage from an anesthesia complication, total body shock from excessive fluid and blood loss and damage to vital organs.

Complications of liposuction can be done by doing liposuction in very small quantities and doing several procedures spaced weeks apart. See a surgeon who is able to discuss the risks and benefits of doing liposuction surgery. Tell your medical history to the surgeon so there will be no big surprises or untoward complications. Follow the instructions of the procedure the surgeon gives you because it can make the difference between a successful surgical outcome and a bad surgical outcome.

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