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Testicular Torsion Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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Testicular Torsion Overview

A testicular torsion is an emergency condition in which one or both of the testicles rotate, twisting along the spermatic cord, which normally brings blood from the body to the scrotum. This results in a reduction in blood flow to the scrotum, and a severe pain and swelling to the affected area. The most common patient with a testicular torsion is between the ages of 12 and 16 but it is possible for it to happen at any age, even before being born.

As mentioned, testicular torsion is an emergency condition, requiring emergency surgery. The testicle can be saved if the surgery is performed within a few hours. If one waits longer, however, the testicle can be lost and there can be a loss of fertility. In very severe cases, the testicle needs to be removed altogether.

When a testicle becomes twisted, there can be a multitude of symptoms that include the following:

Because a testicular torsion is severe condition, it is necessary to see a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible, especially if you don’t want to lose the testicle. Pay attention to the symptoms. You should see a doctor if you have symptoms that suddenly go away. This is called an intermittent torsion and detorsion. You still need to have surgery to prevent it from happening in the future.

The cause of testicular torsion is twisting of the testicle on the spermatic cord. This brings blood from the abdomen to the testicle and it can rotate several times along the axis. Damage gets exponentially worse. Most men who get the condition have a genetic propensity to get it and can get it with both testicles. Some men will have the genetic trait and not ever get the testicular torsion.

The actual cause of the torsion is not completely known but lifestyle and environmental factors can trigger the torsion to occur. These include the following:

There are a couple of risk factors for getting a testicular torsion. They include the following:

A testicular torsion can be complicated if the doctor fails to diagnose the condition within a few hours of onset. Complications of testicular torsion include:

When you have these symptoms, it is not a good idea to make an appointment with the doctor for a future date. Instead, be seen on an emergency basis by your family doctor or at an emergency room. This takes emergency care.

In order to diagnose a testicular torsion, it is a good idea to do a scrotal ultrasound to look for the blood flow in the scrotum. A urine test needs to be done to look for infection. Sometimes exploratory surgery needs to be done in order to know for sure that the testicle has suffered a torsion. The doctor may also evaluate the scrotum for contraction of the testicle with light touch to the inside of the thigh.

Treatment for testicular torsion includes surgery to untwist and stitch the testicles on both sides.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 855 804 7125

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