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Cauda equina syndrome is a rare form of potentially catastrophic injury which may result in paraplegia. Cauda equina lawyers often deal with substantial claims valued at many millions of dollars. Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is not a "back problem" but is a form of spinal cord injury which is caused by damage to a bundle of nerves situated at the lower end of the spinal column and may result in:-

Medical Emergency

CES which arises suddenly should always be regarded as a medical emergency which requires immediate surgical intervention to avoid permanent nerve damage that can lead to chronic disability including paraplegia. The most common cause of CES results from a prolapsed disc pressing on the bundle of nerves at the base of the spinal column. CES may be caused by compression including prolapsed disc, spinal injury, chronic inflammatory arachnoiditis, stretching, slippage of one vertebra on another, demyelination and toxic damage due to spinal anesthetics.

Damages Awards

Damages obtained by cauda equina lawyers can be substantial particularly in younger victims due to the potential for reduction of earning capacity in addition to damages for pain and suffering. Compensation claims usually arise as a result of inadequate or negligent surgery or as a result of delay in diagnosis and treatment which may worsen the condition often rendering it untreatable. Urgent surgical treatment is usually necessary to restore bladder and bowel function which can prevent further permanent deterioration in the lower extremities. Treating physicians must ensure that they are familiar with the symptoms of this condition and ensure surgical intervention by a competent neurosurgeon at the first possible opportunity.

Low Back Pain

CES does not always arise as a result of an obvious sudden traumatic injury and many patients who are at risk will attend their doctor suffering from relatively minor back ache. To avoid a claim for cauda equina syndrome medical malpractice, there are four vital questions that healthcare professionals should ask patients who are suffering from low back pain. Failure to ask these questions may be an indication of negligence if the condition subsequently manifests itself as problematic late diagnosed or untreated CES.

Cauda Equina Malpractice lawyers

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