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Doctors and healthcare professionals including dentists, nurses and technical staff are required to stay current in their knowledge of treatment methods and to meet a reasonable standard of care. According to current medical malpractice law, doctors have a duty to conduct their practice in accordance with the conduct of a prudent and diligent doctor in the same circumstances and specialists have a duty to exercise the degree of skill and knowledge of an average specialist in that field. Failure to do so may be classed as a negligent act.


If it can be shown that the actions that caused the injury were errors of judgement as opposed to negligent actions and that the practice followed was accepted by other competent physicians and that the injury was merely an unfortunate result or that a body of respectable doctors would act in a way which deviates from the standard practice, then the doctor may avoid liability unless negligence can be proven. Medical malpractice law relating to liability is complex and you should always take advice from a specialist lawyer.


To successfully claim damages for personal injury under current medical malpractice law, it is necessary to prove the following items on the balance of probability;

Damages Awards

The following items of compensation may be payable by a health care provider under medical malpractice law in Canada;

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