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Congenital Heart Defect - Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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Congenital Heart Defect - Overview

When a child has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, it means that a structural change has happened to the child’s heart and this defect has developed since the prenatal years. Knowing the defect is coming will help the parents know the prognosis in advance, while the doctors can prepare for a possible surgery at the time or before birth. Remember that not all congenital heart defects need treatment; some problems correct themselves over time.

Very serious congenital heart problems usually show up within a month or so of life, although it can show up at the time of birth. Obvious signs and symptoms include the following:

Some congenital heart defects are less serious and aren’t found until late in childhood. The signs and symptoms showing up in late life include:

The heart is divided into four chambers that move blood around the heart. The left side of the heart contains oxygenated blood, while the right side of the heart carries de-oxygenated blood. In the womb, the heart starts beating at 22 days post-conception and it has a simple tube-like shape. By the time the embryo reaches 28 days post-conception, the heart will be roughly the shape of a real heart; this is when holes and abnormalities in shape begin.

The following are the different types of heart defects:

There are several risk factors of the fetus and of the mother that predisposes the fetus from developing congenital heart failure. These risk factors include:

Complications of congenital heart disease can include having congestive heart failure, a slowing of growth and development, having frequent cases of pneumonia, having a heart rhythm, cyanotic extremities or around the heart, or having a stroke.

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